Yes, Your Airline Seat May Be Bedbug Infested…..

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Bed Bugs on Airplanes?! Yikes! How to Fly Bed Bug-Free

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Just because you haven’t heard much about bed bug-infested airplanes doesn’t mean that economy or business class seat is free of the icky pests. While the topic hasn’t hit the headlines the way bed bugs in hotels has, the stories are getting out. Pests are showing everywhere, first in my house I was having a lot of mice and rats until I read this article on How to get rid of mice in your house, walls and attic – tips and tricks.

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Passengers Go Viral with Bed Bug Complaints

According to the Daily Mail, British Airways was forced to fumigate two planes after discovering a bed bug infestation on a Los Angeles-London flight. However, BA did not act quickly; the business class passenger, Zane Selkirk, became so disgruntled by the airline’s lack of response to her complaints that she set up a website and posted photos of her bite-covered arms, legs and feet online and they went viral and it wasn’t until then that BA conducted an investigation and found the bugs. Make sure to check out Custom Bed bug, the effective treatments and excellent customer service will put your bed bug worries to rest they have guaranteed solutions to keep you and your home bed bug free.

Another passenger wrote an op-ed letter to the New York Times last year after flying United Airlines to Washington D.C. from L.A. — again in business class — and arriving covered in bites his doctor diagnosed as bed bug bites……….continued

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1 comment for “Yes, Your Airline Seat May Be Bedbug Infested…..

  1. frequent flyer
    September 21, 2012 at 2:02 am

    i was “attacked” with bedbugs last august when sitting in business class section on a flight from dulles via keflavik to oslo with iceland air. for over a month it remained a mystery to me where the critters came from, and why the attack first started when i entered and sat down in the plane. i did not get the epiphany until i heard in the news about bedbugs on airplanes. i had had no idea!
    i contacted the airline, which (of course) rejected my complaint. they found it unlikely that they had bedbugs in their seats, and besides that nobody else had complained to them before about this. hence, it seems to me, this was enough arguments for the airline to conclude they had no problem, proceeding as if bedbugs are something only OTHER airlines have to deal with, potentially hurting other passengers besides myself in the process of denial.
    i hope i am not correct about that last part. i hope they have initiated monitoring and quality control procedures.
    up until now airlines have just not been the first thing you think of when you get bitten or have caught something on a travel. hence the problem may be completely under-diagnosed. i wonder how many other cases are there really out there? perhaps we should change that, and talk more about our experiences?

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