Why are US Air Carriers so far behind foreign competition?

With New Planes, Flying Is Looking Up

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (TheStreet) — Especially in America, you seem to hear it a lot when flying these days: “I hate old planes.”

Emirates First Class

Usually there’s a rebuttal that safety doesn’t mean fresh leather seats or the newest entertainment gadgetry, but most everyone prefers a new plane to an old one anyway. Add to the equation that you or your company are paying top dollar for full-fare business or first class and there’s nothing worse than walking the gangway to be greeted by a cabin with tube televisions on the ceiling, ashtrays in the armrest and stained interiors.

No matter what it feels like, the average age of the current American-owned commercial airline fleet is only around 14 years old. American and Delta Airlines operate a slightly older fleet, averaging 16 years of age, with the latter still operating a series of DC-8s owned by Northwest before a merger — albeit with retrofitted interiors with modern amenities…….. continued at TheStreet.com