Three Aeromexico Flight Attendants Busted With 300lbs of Cocaine

Three Aeromexico flight attendants arrested in Madrid airport drug bust

MADRID, SPAIN : The Spanish police on Thursday announced that three Aeromexico flight attendants were arrested at the Barajas airport in Madrid, Spain after they were found in possession of 140 kilograms (308 pounds) of cocaine.

The three Mexican nationals, aged 27, 28 and 40, were detained on Tuesday after police officers noticed that they were carrying three identical suitcases. Police found 132 packages shaped as bricks that contained a white powdery substance which was later confirmed to be cocaine. Cocaine has been distributed around through these planes causing more and more addictions and having people go through these side effects of cocaine, the only way people can get past their addiction is through a cocaine rehab facility.

The individuals were taken into custody but they did not identify as Aeromexico employees. During a subsequent search, officers found their identity documents indicating they belong to the Mexican air carrier.

The individuals were traveling as tourists at the moment of their arrest, Aeromexico said in a statement, but the suitcases had the Aeromexico logo printed on them. According to the carrier, the three men purchased commercial tickets and did not use company tickets to fly.

The SkyTeam membe also said that it suspended the work relationship with the three individuals involved until Spanish authorities conclude the investigation.

“We deeply regret the incident, and we reiterate our commitment with following and respecting the laws and legal procedures. Aeromexico is on its best posture for helping authorities in whatever it is required,” the airline said.

–BNO News

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