The Skinny on Airline Food in Coach. What’s hot, and what’s not!

The Wall Street Journal’s ‘Middle Seat’ weighs in on the nibbly bits up for grabs on US carriers. The burgers on Alaska are hot sellers while some travelers like to cut the cheese with high calorie snackboxes on United. For other flyers, they look for ‘comfort’ food. Ironic isn’t it? Comfort in coach by way of your own can of Pringles packed tightly in a tube.

Once enjoyed for free on Continental

Anyway, here’s the article …..

Coffee, Tea, or Tapas? Critiquing Airline Fare

Airlines Offer a Range of Healthy Coach-Class Food Options, But Fliers Still Favor Burgers and Calorie-Laden Treats

Alaska Airlines offers an extensive menu of healthy coach-cabin food options, including vegan and gluten-free items, chicken and vegetable meals and “Smart Heart picnic packs.”

Yet its best-selling item is a quarter-pound cheeseburger reheated in-flight. The aroma from the oven stimulates sales, says Lisa Luchau, Alaska’s director of onboard food and beverage.

Many airlines have experimented with offering healthy items and fresh salads, only to find travelers more often going for salt and carbohydrates. Trying to entice customers to buy food onboard, several carriers have created snack boxes filled with a cornucopia of junk food packed with more calories than a basic meal……. more click here