The Holiday Commute…

Although there is no doubt that going on holiday is exciting, the prospect of getting to and from the airport is often not. Not only can taxis sometimes be expensive , there is of course the fact that many people don’t just fly once-a-year and often fly many times during the month for business.

Therefore taxis to and from the airport aren’t always the most convenient and cost effective means of travel.

plane on tarmac

In fact, as a result of this many people choose to drive themselves to and from their chosen airport. Although this is often the preferred method of transport, it has left many wondering what to do with their cars whilst they are away.

The solution does lie in the form of airport parking, and its many benefits:


Cape Town International Airport, South Africa

The beauty of airport parking is the convenience it can offer. Not only is it close to the terminal, but it also means you don’t need to rely on friends and family. There are many parking products to suit all budgets, including a complete hassle free option which allows you to simply drop your car off, whilst it is parked for you and you are ready to check in ,minutes away from the terminal. This is great if you are travelling for business or are travelling with children or maybe travelling for a winter Ski holiday with bulky equipment. Most airports offer a variety of short and long stay options which mean that the parking can be arranged around the length of the time you are away.


airport parking
A particular annoyance to travellers is waiting to be collected or having the feeling that someone is waiting to pick them up; whether that is a taxi or a friend/relative. However, with a car being parked at the airport, all a traveller needs to do once they’ve landed is simply make their way to their own car and their transport is ready and waiting, rather than the other way around.


airport parking orlando florida

Of course, for many people the consideration of the safety of their own personal effects is a large consideration when travelling. The beauty of airport parking is that cars left on the airport grounds are insured and therefore much more secure.