Smokey the Dog Flies Home to ‘Tara’s Babies’ Lifetime Sanctuary

Dog’s sad saga ends with a new beginning in Arizona sanctuary

Worldwide Facebook campaign, petitions, 
saved Smokey from a death sentence.

Tibetan Buddhist nun Kunzang Drolma walks into Dayton International Airport with Smokey the dog to travel to Arizona.

DAYTON — Smokey, the dog that attracted an international following for surviving a brutal beating, being run over by a car and escaping euthanasia, left Ohio on Wednesday with a Tibetan Buddhist nun for his new home at an animal sanctuary in Arizona.

The nun and animal rights activist, Kunzang Drolma, stroked Smokey’s black and brown scraggly coat and gently placed him in his crate bound for Young, Ariz.

“He’s going home,” Drolma said. “We’re taking Smokey home.”

Drolma and Smokey, a 5-year-old Rottweiler/collie mix, boarded a Continental Airlines flight — paid for by the airline — Wednesday to central Arizona.

Drolma is director of Tara’s Babies Animal Welfare Sanctuary, which began as a 140-acre ranch to house animals displaced by Hurricane Katrina. The sanctuary has 70 dogs.

“We’re liberating Smokey from jail,” Drolma said.

Although Smokey’s story has a happy ending, his tale is a sad one. It began after the dog was accused of biting a 2-year-old boy during Memorial Day weekend and was later severely beaten with a Louisville Slugger baseball bat and hit with a car……. coninued

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Smokey now lives at ‘Tara’s Babies Animal Welfare’

Tara’s Babies is a no-kill dog rescue and lifetime sanctuary located in the wilderness of Northern Arizona. We began during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, rescuing dogs and cats left abandoned and homeless by the devastation. We continue to save the lives of dogs facing euthanasia in shelters throughout the USA.

Our mission is to:

1. Rescue dogs on death row who have no other hope;
2. Work with fearful dogs to help stabilize their behavior;
3. Provide lifetime sanctuary to those dogs we rescue who do not find adoptive homes, or who are unadoptable because of behavioral issues.

Our promise is a compassionate and caring environment for all dogs who become part of the Tara’s Babies family, whether their stay with us be short term or for life. We will never abandon a dog whom we rescue. Our commitment to each dog is to ensure they have love and care for the rest of their lives.

About Tara’s Babies…

Our Mission

Tara’s Babies Animal Welfare is dedicated to the compassionate treatment of all animals.

Our mission is to promote kindness and respect towards all living beings and cultivate it as a sacred view within our culture.

Our current efforts focus on addiction recovery with pets including dog rescue, sanctuary, rehabilitation and adoption.

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To do this we have several goals:

1.  Rescue: To rescue dogs who would otherwise be euthanized because they have nowhere to go.

2. Sanctuary: To find them homes where possible, or to provide shelter for life if necessary.

3. Prevention: To educate hearts and minds to save the lives of animals who are treated as disposable property, to be abused or abandoned.  To develop a spay/neuter program that reduces the number of unwanted cats and dogs.

4. Change: To create a paradigm shift so profound, the need for sanctuary no longer exists.

Tara’s Babies’ History

Tara’s Babies Dog Rescue has its roots in the dank floodwaters of New Orleans, following Hurricane Katrina’s devastation in August 2005. A small group of volunteers, inexperienced in animal rescue, but horrified by the situation, went to help. Working on their own, and in cooperation with Best Friends, they were part of the massive round-the-clock rescue effort.

At the same time, a small team in Arizona quickly built emergency shelters. Over 130 dogs and cats were either driven or airlifted to this new sanctuary on former ranch land at Dakini Valley. With the support of countless volunteers, the animals were cared for with constant love. As the numbers dwindled, the core group realized that the need for a sanctuary was not yet over.

Tara’s Babies Animal Welfare evolved from a temporary rescue into an organization committed to saving lives. We will continue to exist as long as there is suffering, unnecessary killing, abuse and abandonment of helpless beings.

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