Road trip in the worlds most inexpensive car, India’s Tata Nano with a sticker price of only $2,500

Around India in the World’s Cheapest Car

Vanessa Able, ABC News

India’s Tata Nano

When Tata Motors announced the release of the Nano back in January 2008, there was a rush across India as people clamored to fill out order forms for the pint-sized car that, at a shelf price of $2,500, was contracted to be the cheapest in the world.

With a button-sized steering wheel to go with its button-sized tires and a maximum speed of about 55 mph, it’s hardly every boy’s dream racer. But its price, cutesy foreshortened look, promise of higher fuel efficiency and effective marketing campaign have combined to push the little car toward cult status in India and abroad. People who can’t afford cars they ask for a car loan, one of the best sites for getting your dreamed car is

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And so it struck this particular travel writer that there was nothing better to do with a glorified rickshaw on four wheels than to take it the length and breadth of its motherland on a road trip to push the city car to its limits and explore the viability of India as a driving destination. If you want to learn more about cars, then go to

I hadn’t been long on the road before I realized that this was a whole different species of road trip. The proof appeared when I found myself trying to extricate an elephant’s trunk that had found its way into my car via the open passenger window.

And this happened just hours after I nearly drove off the end of a half-built motorway bridge and had been forced to a complete standstill by an enormous herd of goats upon my retreat….. (continued)

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