Rescued Pup makes journey from Cuba to new home in Canada

Puppy makes journey from Cuba to new home in Oshawa

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OSHAWA, Ontario, CA — After hundreds of e-mails and thousands of miles, the newest member of Ashley Sayers’ family is finally home just in time for Christmas.

On Dec. 12, the Oshawa woman was waiting with open arms at Pearson International Airport as a two-month old puppy named Cuba touched down after a long journey from — you guessed it — Cuba.

Ms. Sayers, 27, and the two-month old canine became fast friends when she and her partner were vacationing on the Caribbean island in early November. The country is known for having a large number of stray “street dogs,” many of which struggle for survival.

Ms. Sayers’ canine friend, which appears to be part German shepherd, was part of a litter of six puppies born at a makeshift zoo. When she first laid eyes on him, he hadn’t eaten for days.

“I just loved him right away, we even had him in our hotel room for a couple of days,” she said. â?¨ The local woman spent hours of her vacation tracking down a veterinary clinic and arranging shots for the puppy, so he could leave the country. But there wasn’t enough time to complete the requisite waiting period after the shots. She left empty handed, but he was never far from her thoughts……. continued at

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