Last-Minute Theater Tickets on the Cheap: Where to Find Them in New York

From transportation to food, expenses in New York add up quickly. Theater shows in the Big Apple are often one of the priciest attractions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see one without breaking the budget. For awesome entertainment on the cheap, check out these handy resources.

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If you have a smartphone and want to look up ticket deals for Broadway shows, posts their same-day ticket deals at 10am each morning. Can’t find a show you were hoping to see? Simply call up the customer service number, and an operator might be able to track down the tickets you need.

Deals at a Glance

Unlike, BroadwayBox simply provides discount codes and ticket pricing for the shows you want to see. If you have a chance to shop around, BroadwayBox might be the place to start looking for great savings on your New York entertainment.

Same-Day Tickets

If you are in the city and looking for savings, TKTS offers last-minute tickets at their booths in Times Square, South Street Seaport, and downtown Brooklyn. The Theater Development Fund, which runs TKTS, was designed to help fill shows at discounted prices.

Last Chance Seats

When you visit New York, you should know that many box offices offer rush seats for as little as $20 a ticket. The last-minute seats are no sure way to get into the show you most want to see, but if you are more about the experience than the specific playbill, then you might want to try your hand. Call the theater box office ahead to find out about their specific rush ticket policies.

Work for Your Spot

If you want a truly unique experience in New York, you might be able to work as a volunteer usher. You will have to call the box office several hours before the show starts to find out if they are “hiring” and you will have to arrive a bit early for a brief training session. But, if you are all about the freebies, working for your seat is as good as it gets!

One-Stop Shopping

Looking for one place to compare most of the ticket prices you will find? SeatGeek is designed to compare every ticket for the show you want to see. The site is easy to navigate and can provide pricing for a range of showtimes in the area or for a specific performance. They even offer seating maps to help you know exactly what kind of discount tickets you are purchasing.

No Time for Price-Checking, finance and management

Image result for loanIf you are in a hurry to find great deals on New York shows, simply ask your hotel concierge. A good hotel will have staff that know the city and may even have relationships with theaters, so seek advice from a friendly hotel staff member.

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