Egypt: A Magical Country

Ancient ruins, exotic cities and idyllic beaches make Egypt one of the world’s most fascinating destinations. It’s also one of the most popular in the world with nearly 10 million visitors touching down in this sun-drenched North African country each year.

Egypt is a hit with holidaymakers of all ages thanks to its diverse attractions and year round sunny weather in which to enjoy them. A recent tourism drive means a huge number of flights are available to Egyptian destinations from international departure points. Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh are two of most popular cities to visit and each have major airports. With excellent currency exchange rates as well as low cost accommodation and great service flights, it’s no surprise that savvy travellers are flocking to Egypt.

Montazeh Bay, Egypt

The joys of Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh is Egypt’s stunning beach resort destination boasting a 35Km coastline packed with immense sandy beaches along the Red Sea. This is the location for activities such as scuba diving, sunbathing, exploring the Ras Mohamed Marine Park or enjoying the lively nightlife in the scores of bars and restaurants. With temperatures reaching close to 40C during the peak summer months, the weather here is hot all year round. Sharm el Sheikh is not just about the beaches however, and visitors can explore the Sinai Desert from the back of a camel or jeep and take excursions to nearby cities such as Luxor and Cairo.

Get to Cairo

If your idea of a vacation is exploring a fascinating city then a flight to Cairo should be on your ‘must do’ holiday destination list. Cairo is the largest city in Africa and blends old world charm with cosmopolitan chic. Start your day with a view of the River Nile from your hotel balcony before exploring the traditional bazars and medieval markets where haggling over goods is a way of life. Visitors can dine in first class restaurants and step back in time by viewing the Giza Pyramids, which are especially breath-taking at either sunrise or sunset.

Cairo Egypt at night

More Egyptian offerings

Travellers have easy access to a wealth of destinations with the 19 airports located in Egypt. Trips to the pyramids are of course the most popular tourist activity but taking an overnight trek to the summit of Mount Sinai to watch the sun rise comes a close second. Excursions to the beautiful, historic cities of Alexandria and Giza will not disappoint culture vultures seeking out ancient monuments and antiquities. If you are searching for adventure do not miss the chance to scuba dive the spectacular Red Sea reef dive sites along the Sinai Peninsula.

Vibrant, exhilarating and inspirational are all words that have been used to describe Egypt. This amazing country with its abundance of history and beauty is simply a flight away.

Images by Dennis Jarvis used under the Creative Comms licence.


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