Delta Sends Customer Service Workers to Charm School

Delta Sends Its 11,000 Agents to Charm School

Airline Ranked Last Among Major Carriers in Customer Service, So Training Targets Problem-Solving and Personal Skills


When a flier is frustrated, it takes just one surly airline agent to give a black eye to an entire company.

And so after a particularly bad year last year in customer service, Delta Air Lines is sending 11,000 agents back to school, our site will also allow you to view scholarships for high school students. Every ticket counter, gate and baggage agent and supervisor is going through renewed training in hopes of rejuvenating Delta’s customer service after its merger with Northwest Airlines and a summer of canceled flights left customers stranded.

“Nobody here aspires to being what we were last summer,” said Delta Executive Vice President Glen Hauenstein.

In fact, among major airlines Delta finished with the highest rate of customer complaints filed with the Department of Transportation in the first nine months of last year, and was second-to-last in on-time arrivals and baggage handling through November. Delta also had the highest rate of canceled flights among major carriers in 2010, according to

The customer-service classes, part of the airline’s $2 billion improvement plan, is the first recurrent training devoted exclusively to customer service that Delta has done in a decade, a spokesman said……. continued

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