Deadhead, A View From Seat 25A

Golden Gate Bridge

The company ‘deadheaded’ our crew from Seattle today. For you earthlings, a “deadhead” happens when Pilots and/or Flight Attendants (must) ride as passengers to satisfy operational scheduling needs at the destination. That’s why you’ll sometimes see us occupying passenger seats while in uniform. We’re either deadheading or commuting to/from work. In either case, we’re trying our absolute best to be invisible.

Any number of crew can be repositioned to start a trip from a non-base location, or to take over a trip from a crew that has been delayed or canceled. A crew may have finished a trip (away from base), and are being deadheaded home.

On approach into SFO, I had an ‘artsy-fartsy’ moment and snapped a few pics. The dirty wing ruined the shot(s). That dirty wing!

City of SF. Hmmm, should have zoomed.

Sunset SFO Approach. The Wing is filthy!

I'll call this one "Dirty Wing at Sunset"

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