Common Physical Therapy Injuries

Visiting a Therapy Clinic that offers physical therapy treatments for common conditions & impairments including the following, is important for a safe, healthy and quick recovery:
-Herniated Disc
-Plantar Fasciitis / Heel Spurs
-Lower Back Pain
-Tendinitis / Tendonitis
-Tennis Elbow / Golf Elbow
-Sciatica / Pinched Nerve
-ACL Tear
-Rotator Cuff Injury
-Osteoarthritis / Spondylosis
-Spinal Stenosis
-Rheumatoid Arthritis

From sports injuries to traumatic injuries such as car accidents, Zion Physical Therapy’s equipment and programs are top quality. Our licensed physical therapists are certified to work on injuries including the following:

-Knee Injuries (sprained knee, MCL sprain, knee pain, ACL tear, patellar fracture)
-Back Injuries (lower back pain, chronic back pain, upper back pain, muscle spasm)
-Foot Injury (sprained foot, heel spurs, foot pain, heel pain)
-Hip Pain (weak muscles, impingement, labral tears)
-Neck Injuries (neck pain, stiff neck, chronic neck pain)
-Ankle Injuries (sprained ankle, high ankle sprain, ankle pain)
-Elbow Injuries (elbow pain, tennis elbow, golfers elbow)
-Leg Pain (muscle spasms, muscle tears)
-Shoulder Injuries (shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, impingement, dislocated shoulder)
-Jaw Pain (TMJ pain)
-Wrist Injuries (sprained wrist, wrist pain)
-Hand Injuries (sprained finger, sprained thumb)

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