Are Continental Pilots Cooking Up a Recipe Similar to UAL’s ‘Summer from Hell’ 2000?

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United’s Newark Hub Has Most of 24 Cancellations on Crews

United Continental Holdings Inc.’s Continental Airlines unit canceled 24 flights today because of crew shortages, mostly from the carrier’s hub at New Jersey’s Newark airport.

A so-called sickout left the airline with too few pilots to fly its schedule, the news website reported. Megan McCarthy, a United Continental spokeswoman, gave the flight totals and locations by telephone while saying the airline wasn’t speculating on the cause of the shortage…….. more on this story at

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Rewind to the year 2000, The ‘Summer From Hell’ for United Airlines customers and front-line employees. What happened? The article below first published August 2003.

Summer From Hell Exacted Heavy Toll

Pilot Work Slowdown, Merger Try Disastrous

Of all the 25,000 canceled flights, of all the customers stranded by United Airlines’ summer of delays and disservice three years ago, Gerry Nendick remembers the weeping woman trying to make a funeral.

The passenger’s sister had died in a traffic accident. She was desperate to get to the service in Pennsylvania. But her United flight out of O’Hare International Airport in Chicago had been delayed once — a mechanical problem, the pilot had said. Now it looked like the replacement plane might be canceled, too.

Tears streamed down the woman’s face as she appealed to Nendick, a United customer-service representative who had spent two decades trying to solve passengers’ problems…….. read the entire article at