A Guide to Choosing All-in-one Carry-on Luggage

Many of you might believe that you need several different suitcases, however, one solid piece of all-in-one carry-on luggage is the quintessential frequent flyer item. Every jet set traveller should have one.

But, how do you ensure that your luggage ticks all of the boxes, in terms of durability, price, style and function? Below we’ve outlined a few important things to remember.

Size Matters

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Before you embark on travel, remember that there are rules about the size of carry-on luggage. And also what you can carry on board. So check that the carry-on bag is within the stringent limits of approximately 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. Also, be mindful of the fussy carry-on baggage rule of no liquids over 100ml or sharp implements allowed. Different airlines have different regulations so ensure that you do your research in advance.

Soft or Hard Shell?

Nowadays, hard-shell luggage is becoming increasingly popular. This is because it’s easier to throw it into the back of the overhead locker, drag it on the train station platform and so on. As an added bonus, hard-shell luggage is great when you have nowhere to sit, and you desperately need to take a load off after hours of travel, in my personal opinion, this ricardo suitcases are worth the money and are the perfect to travel with. Although that’s probably not in the manufacturer’s recommendations. Hard-shell luggage is brilliant for when you really need to protect fragile items on your journey too. However, this kind of luggage weighs more, and so this is a trade-off that you need to make.

Alternately, fabric-covered or soft baggage is more flexible, and often comes with several zipped, expandable compartments for extra items. The contents of these bags tends to be more at risk of damage on the plane, therefore, a fabric bag isn’t recommended if you need to transport a business suit or any other dry-cleaned and pressed items. Unless of course, you opt for a steel frame reinforced fabric bag, in which case you may be able to pack pressed items of clothing, and hope for a semblance of order when you arrive at your destination.

Wheels or not?

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Somebody invented the wheel for a reason. To pop it onto the bottom of luggage. Why on earth anybody would choose to carry a heavy bag is beyond comprehension. Unless of course you’re trying to improve your fitness fast!

Invest in a Top Quality Product

Select a high quality bag with tough zips and durable fabric, and sturdy metal or plastic handles. This will cost more but outlast inferior models. Generally, a big initial investment for high-quality luggage, pays for itself with years and even a decade of usage.

Design Features


Well thought-out design features should be a part of any good quality luggage. Compartments to hold a mobile phone and laptop plus, any other accessories from the John Henric accessories UK should feature. As well as expandable zips to cater for indulgent packing decisions.

Getting the right luggage size and packing lighter can save you money in annoying luggage fees. And let’s face it, most airlines will go to town on baggage fees when given the chance. A bit of forethought and extensive research, can save hassle later on down the track.

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