A Flight Attendant, Boston Layover, and a YAK

As a Flight Attendant for one of the ‘biggies’, I’m often asked “what do you do on your layovers?”  Well, not that often really. Maybe twice. And one of those times, it was a misunderstanding on my part. What he actually said was “lady, what you need is a makeover!”

Anyway, on layovers and during my down time, I cannot be constantly chained to this laptop, creating, researching, cutting, copying, and pasting! I need to get out and enjoy the destinations too. It’s not only about the journey.

So, here we go. I’m going to take you on a little journey inside (an almost live) Martha Stewardess layover.

A day in May

Here we are in Boston, at a lovely downtown hotel near Quincey Market. After working the ‘red-eye’ from San Francisco, and feeling like a vampire in the early morning sun, we were picked up at the airport and whisked off to our downtown layover hotel.

Once barricaded inside my room, I did some ‘follow up’ reporting on a local Boston story. You know, cutting, copying, editing, and pasting. Afterward, I slipped between the sheets and examined the back of my eyelids for nearly two hours. That’s what I call it, since I’m not much of a napper.

Around noon, I was off and running (more like a trot really), to the nearest Starbucks for a nice hot pick-me-up. And that it did! Picked me right up out of that chair to find the nearest bathroom, oh yes it did!  Coffee has that effect on me.

It was a beautiful day here in Boston, so I decided to do a little bird watching. I find watching birds very relaxing, like meditation really, and sat watching this one for most of the afternoon.

I love Boston in the spring. The birds are chirping and sunning themselves. If you ask me, this one, maybe a little too much.

After birdwatching, and since it was time for happy  hour, I felt like mixing it up a little with the locals. So, I checked out a few popular hot spots, including ‘Cheers’ from the TV show starring Ted Danson, Shelley Long, and Kristie Alley. But in my delicate sleep deprived jet-lagged condition, I felt the loud crowds would be more than I could handle.

Instead, I decided to spend a little quality time with the local old-timers. This place has been around forever. Some even say it’s haunted! And even though it’s very crowded (packed like sardines) I didn’t mind so much.

Happy hour with some of the locals

Following happy hour, I headed back to the hotel. But on my way, I was fortunate enough to meet YAK, or “You Already Know”. YAK Dance Crew, a group of the best beat-boxing break-dancing super-talented young men doing it on the street.  What a show! And we all gave them a standing ovation, oh yes we did. Well, even if there were places to sit, I think we would have stood anyway. Giving them a standing ovation I mean.  I recorded some of their moves, but unfortunately my new phone camera filmed them sideways. That, or my head was listing to one side. And now that I’m back at the hotel, I cannot figure out how to get them right-side up. Lucky for me (and you), I found some ‘YAK’ vids on Youtube.

Enjoy!  And good-night from Boston.

Later that same day……….. I did a little snooping around for YAK Dance Crew.  Here is a link to their site. See them! Book em! Enjoy them! Support them!  Love Love Love YAK Dance Crew!


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  1. May 21, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    9:15pm~ I’m now showered, powdered, creamed, lotioned, and wearing nothing but granny panties and a Snuggie. The sound of a jackhammer has just begun, ripping this quiet Boston night to shreds. Who jackhammers at this hour?

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