5 Things You Shouldn’t Do On a Plane

It happens to everyone at some point: you can be sitting on a plane, perhaps trying to read, watching a movie on sites such as gomovies 123 free, or get some sleep but there’s just one little thing that’s bugging you and stopping you from relaxing fully during your flight. Whether it’s someone talking too loudly or a child kicking the back of your seat, it can be enough to make you so cross that your whole flight is ruined.

In an ideal world, everyone on board the plane should adhere to a set of rules. Some of these are common courtesy, whilst others should just be common sense.

Don’t Create Unnecessary Smells!

Toilet in Germany protest

Once you’re finally on the airplane, it can be tempting to lie back in your seat and kick off your shoes. But this is one of the top no-no’s on a plane – especially if you have smelly feet. A plane is a confined space, which means bad smells are easily transmitted around the cabin – not nice at all! Of course, this also means that passing wind should also be avoided wherever possible.

Respect Other People’s Space


Don’t use the recline function of your seat unless it’s absolutely necessary. The space available on an aircraft is small enough without someone reclining into your lap at the earliest opportunity. This is especially true when the meals have been handed out. Put your seat into an upright position to give the person behind maximum room to eat.

Similarly, try to avoid kicking the seat of the person in front. At one time or another, everyone falls victim to the kid who keeps kicking your seat but it’s easily possible to do the same without realising it, just by moving around.

Keep the Noise Down


Don’t talk loudly to your travel companions – not everyone on the plane wants to know your holiday plans! If you are travelling alone, be aware that the person in the seat next to you might not want you to chat incessantly for the whole journey. So if he takes out a newspaper, puts on his earphones or his eye mask, then take the hint!

Also, if you are listening to music or watching the in-flight movie, keep the volume to a minimum so others are able to sleep if they wish. And don’t make daft jokes about bombs, which can easily get you into a whole load of trouble.

Dispose of Your Rubbish Considerately

87. Garbage

If you’re eating or drinking during the flight, put your rubbish in a carrier bag and put it in the bin or give it to the flight attendant when she clears away after the in-flight meal. This is particularly true of chewing gum – there is no need to leave it stuck under the arm rest or on the meal tray.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

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There should be absolutely no smooching! Holding hands is all right. One peck on the cheek is fine, but no definitely no snogging is allowed (and don’t even think about trying to join the ‘Mile High Club’.) Even if you think you’re being discreet, you’ll probably be noticed and it’s extremely comfortable for everyone around you.

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